Does anybody know why the earth is round?

    Any serious answers/any science buffs out there?

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    It's actually spherical. Can you imagine any other shape to move through space so aerodynamcially. What if it where quare or cube shape. How could that be. Basic physics.

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    because we were told it was no longer flat, even shocked Chris Columbus

    Eddie Flanagan

    Columbus never thought the Earth was flat!He thought it was oval shaped?!Hence his journey round the world to end up where he started?!So columbus was never shocked about this as you believe?Hope that's helped you're general knowledge for the pub quiz?! lol :)

    Any body (planet, moon, star, etc.) that is large enough will be pulled into it's most compact shape (a sphere) by it's own gravity. This is made easier in many cases by the planet being a molten liquid at some point early in it's formation. At that time the heavier elements like uranium, lead, iron etc. will sink toward the center of the sphere, increasing gravity at the center and helping the sphere formation.
    The Earth is not perfectly round but is somewhat flattened at the poles because the spin of the earth. This generates centrifugal force which causes it to bulge at the equator. That "pulls down" material under the poles as it "bulges" to the equator.


    Cool, thanks!

    To a first-order approximation the Earth is round. This
    is due to gravity. Gravity pulls with equal strength in all
    directions; therefore any variations from a spherical
    shape will lead to gravitational forces that
    bring the shape back into that of a sphere.

    This is without considering the rotation of the earth,
    however. The rotation of the earth adds centrifugal
    effects, which cause the earth to bulge slightly at
    its equator and flatten slightly at its poles.
    (This is like twirling a rock on the end of a string
    and then letting go--the rock flies away from the
    twirler.) Because of these centrifugal effects, the
    distance from the center of the earth to the surface
    of the earth is about 0.33% shorter at the poles
    compared to the equator.

    So we won't fall off?

    Well it's a bit like a bubble..when pressure is equal all round the only sensible shape is round

    oh Murderdoll13, see what you've started now! sigh

    I'm no scientist, but aren't all planets round?

    i want it to be flat!

    Who said it was round. I heard that it was more egg shaped.

    Eddie Flanagan

    Oval shaped,i think you might find.There's no evidence that anybody thought the Earth was flat?!It's just anouther misconception and further proof of general ignorance!No offence but there's some stupid idea's on here (see above!) "so i won't fall off?" how stupid is that?!Darci13 is sat at a p.c and askin if they're going to fall out there chair ffs?!

    No offense to moviereeler but your a few centuries behind; you can always make up stories or you could gooogle the information....!!!

    psyco mum

    the made up storie was funnier :)

    equally displaced matter from space. Gravity?


    That was my answer.

    All planet's moons etc are round and there is no evidence that Columbus or anyone for that matter thought the earth was flat?!They are round because at the dawn of time (big bang) cravity pulled what was "debrey" together to form the center of the Eart and so on...For a full explanation don't wicipedea it!If you realy want to know and it's not just a random question?That won't keep you up at night!Do some proper reserch and not ask opinions?Columbus actualy thought the Earth was like erm a (lamen terms) Trebor chewie mint?! Im trying to simplify it as much as possible btw.Erm a "flying saucer space ship" if that makes any sence?Just look it up! :)

    (Think about it)


    If we drilled down what we reach
    An answer to this from you I beseech
    China we could no longer reach
    Like in school they teach.

    They teach in school up is Heaven down is Hell
    If flat is true and into a hole someone fell
    Where then as there would be no bottom there
    Would we fall into water or into air.

    Don’t be silly do I hear you Scoff
    Ok then if I reach worlds end WILL I FALL OFF
    That‘s not what I was taught in school
    Now what do they think that I’m a fool

    I have the answer to show it’s FLAT
    Tell me what you think of that
    Here is the answer using a simple tool
    If not flat water would not stay in my swimming pool.


    Sir Zaida (pen name)


    lmao at the rap, but have you ever heard of gravity? that's what keeps the water in your swimming pool.

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