i have been left a car and unable to drive it because of epilepsy. Can anyone else insure it to drive me about.

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    It is your car so you must insure it. The other person could drive it and be covered under your insurance or their own insurance will cover them while they are driving your car. It probably would be wise for you to purchase insurance in case someone else crashes into your car and destroys it and perhaps hurts you in the process. Also in case they don't have enough coverage to pay for your medical bills and your drivers medical bills.
    Yes 100%.

    If you have a valid drivers license and your GP gives you the ok there is no reason why you cannot drive any motor vehicle. Here, in British Columbia, deaf people have the right to drive. It is very disconcerting to get behind a carload of them on the freeway when they are signing. All you see are noses and fingers. There ought to be a law against that like there is against cell-phone usage and texting.

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