How do I enable cookies?

    In order to send private info on the innernet I need to enable cookies on my computer. How do I do thei in windows 2003 xp?

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    Enabling cookies on Windows XP

    #1 Turn on your computer, make sure the Internet connection is working and open an Internet Explorer window.

    # 2 Click on "Tools" in the toolbar and select "Options." This will open the Internet Options window.

    # 3 Click on the tab labeled "Privacy." You should then see a slider bar, along with options on what setting to place the slider on.

    # 4 If your bar is set to "Block all Cookies," "High" and even sometimes "Medium High," your computer will not allow cookies to be added to your system. Setting your zone to "Medium" will allow most cookies and it will give you the ability to block or allow certain cookies manually. You can also choose "Low" or "Accept All Cookies," which will allow cookies to be added to your system without having to manually allow them to be added.

    # 5 Once you have selected the appropriate setting for your zone, click "Apply" to save and then click "Ok" to close the window.

    Unless you've turned them off, cookies should be enabled by default.
    Depends on what browser you are using.

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