Why Do Young People Wear Pants Down?

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    I also heard it started in prison but not for the booty, it was because many times the pants were too big, guards would discipline some of the trouble makers by making them wear pants that were way too big, this would slow them down as they were forced to hold their pants up, not too good when you wanna fight. It became the status of the 'bad guys' so eventually it became cool to walk around prison holding your pants up. Then this status symbol made it to the streets, 'gangsta wear'.. I don't know how this worked for the triple XXX sized guys, I guess they had to wear a sheet, who knows. :)
    I have heard that the origin of this fashion statement came from the prison system. It meant that the inmate with his pants hanging low, wanted to get some booty? I'm not sure if this is true or not, but I think it would be hilarious if it really is.
    I understood that it started with young black boys getting hand downs from bigger brothers and couldn't afford a belt.
    "Stupid is - stupid does!"

    hehehehe Good answer.
    Leeroy, love you answer. Is brand new jeans with holes in then a prison thing also?
    Leeroy,That is the best answer I have ever heard. I am going to use that when I talk to my kids.
    Love it!!!!

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