Really scary horror films?

    No gore really, cos I've seen it all... I'm lookin for freaky, scary, jump outta your seat films.

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    Nothing more chilling than the original PSYCHO.
    Shot in black n white it doesn't register for tacky ketchup gore
    but does go galactic on skin crawling menace. Very eerie indeed.
    The shower scene. Enough said!

    Ms Sinclair

    I agree with that one

    The original When A Stranger Calls from the 1970s and Fire In The Sky are SO SO SO SCARY and I've seen a lot of gore; not gory but gasp out loud and squirm in your seat scary


    Thanks, fire in the sky looks great!


    How did you get your VERY PRETTY face on your avatar MostesMeri?

    The haunting 1963 directed by Robert wise
    Invasion of the Body snatchers 1955
    Hitchcock film Shadow of a doubt
    These are some classics you may like them

    I watched one called Dead Birds and found that quite good and Paranormal State part two was pretty darn scary.The all time scariest for me and still is would be The Exorcist.

    I'll say Wait Until Dark 1967

    BUG from 1975

    Lake Mungo is a scary paranormal type film I saw recently, worth a try.

    Human Centipede #1 and #2-- I believe this movie has been banned in the UK so you UK'ians may not even know what it is but as a scare factor, I give it a flat 10..



    The Shining, did scare me.Also,Cujo.

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