remove urine/urine odor from wood floor

    A cat has urinated on a wood floor. How do I clean it?

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    3 Answers

    The best urine remover I have found is Biozyme. It's an all natural enzyme cleaner with no chemicals. Ready to use. Just spray it on and the enzymes consume the urine. With the urine gone, the odor is too.
    I buy it at I use a coupon code of cm81 and get a 10% discount. Check it out. Great to finally find something that works.
    if it's cat urine it is most likely on the walls. you can spray the floor till kingdom comes but you aren't gonna do a thing. the cat lifts it's tail and sprays away when it's in heat. i believe the stuff isn't urine. whatever ... the best way to find it is to use a black light. a black light will make the cat stuff glow flourescent green when the lights are off. it costs about $17.00 but it's money well spent. (even a spayed or neutered cat can do this damage. sometimes the surgery doesn't take care of the problem. viola had the right idea for the cleaner, i think. karma points for you viola.
    Baking soda has worked for me.

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