Apparently, super fit people can die of heart attack. So, can exercise put strain on your heart?

    I would like to exercise more often, but my heart races way too fast and chest starts to hurt. By the way, I am a 21 year old male, I don't smoke, and I am slim weighing nearly 9 stone.

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    the definition of super fit is quite loosely applied at times, especially when attributed to local newspapers, the rule of thumb when approaching exercise use the key word MODERATION .and if any doubts about heart conditions consult a G.P

    I suggest the first thing you do is see a doctor relative to the pain you say you're getting in your chest while exercising. You may have some blockage in one or more of your blood vessels. If cleared by the doctor, do not exercise so hard to cause the pain. Rest in between sets of different exercises. A fast heartbeat is normal after exercising. It will recede after a few minutes and your breathing will become normal. And yes, a young person can die of heart-related problems. Here in the United States several young students in high school have died doing routine play or exercises. Later it was found they did have heart problems. Since you weigh nearly 9 stone (126lbs) you are quite thin I assume. Weight of 126 lbs would be "normal" for a male of 5'5" in the US.


    Thank you Gary!

    The best way to stay fit and slim like me is stop eating all that fast food and that is a fact


    Murderdoll, he must have had some kind of congenital heart defect. And he was a time bomb waiting to explode.

    Murderdoll, you should have a cardiac workup by a cardiologist before you do anymore working out. And get a different screen name! !

    I guess it all depends upon the state of your health and the type of your exercise routine in the case of overexertion

    "Moderation" is the KEY to All Things.

    Actually fit people don't have heart attacks because they are fit, what happens is that when you are fit and have a heart attack since your muscles are stronger it might increase the intensity of the stroke. At your age I would not worry about that unless you already have a heart conditions and the more you will train the better your health will be hence decreasing the chances of a heart attack. What is very important to combine with the exercise is to have a heathy diet not too much red meet, lots of fruits and veggies and at least 1.5 litres of water per day.


    Thanks. The reason for my question in the first place is because here in the UK, a local newspaper's front page said: 'Super fit boy of 18 dies of heart attack'. Got me pretty scared! Also, on a football field round the corner from where I live, a teen boy died of heart failure simply doing pull-ups on the goal post. It has really opened my eyes to heart failure at a young age.

    One of the things that helped me when I was over weight was. I stopped eating fast foods. One more thing that has helped me too is look on the labeling of everything you eat and look for the words monosodium glutamate for another word MSG STAY AWAY from it, look it up and you will see what it does to your body.

    When your not very fit your body is easily tired resulting in when your exercising your heart beating faster. Best ways to get ready for exercising is eat an apple or pear 45 mins before exercising for energy, then after eat a banana so your body does'nt cramp

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