What are the long term effects of prostate cancer

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    Prostate cancer (the silent killer of men) will affect 90% of all men if they live long enough.. The saying is 'you'll die with it as opposed to 'of' it.."

    Nonetheless, prostate cancer should not be taken lightly --it CAN kill you.. Please have a PSA test, PC caught early can be eliminated 100%, it is one of the easiest cancers to cure if caught early enough.

    You question 'what are the long term effects of PC?" is unclear.. If you are speaking of what are the treatments and their effects then there are many.

    inability to maintain erection
    elimination of semen
    Psychological problems as this is a major lifestyle change.

    These four conditions depend on the type of surgery one receives, this in turn is based on how aggressive the cancer is. Not everyone will experience the results above.

    Regardless of the effects of PC treatments, the possible consequences of doing nothing outweighs the inconveniences. Life over death is always the better choice.

    It is a process for sure, I know because my husband had it..He had the prostate removed and has a lot of problems with bathroom isses. But the surgery went well and thier was no problems , healed very well and left no scars to sprak of ( just a couple dots ).I think its better to have it removed with all that I learned from this..

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