Who's A Better Cook? A Man Or A Woman.I

    I personally have seen great cooks from both sexes. Who, in your own experience,is better.

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    Good question

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    Must be males, all best well known chefs, male.

    Yes, I'm with Dolly on this one, but I have never met a better cook than my Mom. Hopefully someday.

    leeroy, God Bless your Mom, hope she will be cooking for many more years to come.

    I'm not being sexist in this response. Women were taught to cook&sew by their Mothers in order to attract a man, this was before microwaves. Some men learned to cook either at home or by taking classes at a culinary chef school, in the military, etc. So I don't think either is better than the other.

    I think I'm a better cook than the wife.. My problem is I don't follow directions very well. If I think I can do something different to make it better I will try. most times it works out well but every now and then I have to say WTF....

    Ms Sinclair

    You win some. You lose some. It's good to experiment though. That's how you come up with original ideas.

    I don't think the sex of a person has anything to do with it, It's the desire of the person who loves cooking.
    Me I'd say my wife she does all cooking around the house.
    but I must say there some men that are good chef,don't why but when come to cooking it not my bag,although if I'm stuck will make something really fast.Maybe a hotdog!

    I think that if men truly love cooking that usually they are the better cooks I am not talking about the back yard barbeque griller a real cook.....

    I dont think it matters what sex cooks I do think you have to have a desire for cooking personaly I love cooking but I wouldnt want it as a job My Hubby cooks sometimes and his cooking is great but the mess he leaves is not worth the clean up but good on him for trying

    Hip Hip Hooray! My hubby cooks too, the after-math remains to be seen. lol!

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