how can someone get internal staph infection

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    your immune system has to be somewhat compromised, or low, shall we say . Then, you have to be exposed to Staph bacteria. Hospitals are loaded with it b/c they don't teach sterile technique in handling dressings and bodily fluids, like they did when I was in nursing school in the 70s.
    Anyway, when I was in Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn , MIch,in 2007, having a hysterectomy, an intern ripped off my dressing on the 2nd day; did not clean my wound....did not put any antibiotic ointment or anything on my wound and did not cover the fresh surgical wound with a clean, dry , dressing. They take better care of cats and dogs in vets clinic. So, when I got home, I immediately developed an infection in the incision ,and inside my abodomen. And I lived alone. It was 11 miles back to the hospital.
    From another patient, heath care worker in hospital, from any invasive device—cathter or syringe, from home dare treatments like Total Parenteral Nutrition,from prosthetic devices, following surgical procedures.

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