Do You Like 3D Movies?

    If so, why? If not, why not? I happen to like them myself (though they are expensive). I understand though that some people hate them and I'm just curious to know why.

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    I saw Avatar, after the movie I almost fell down, i was dizzy.. Also, it cost me 16 bucks to see that movie and they wanted me to give back my glasses, I said screw you! I paid 16 to get in, $4.75 for 8 oz of rasinets and 4 bucks for a medium coke.. I'm keeping the damn glasses.. :) Plus going in I had half a subway sandwich, the door-monkey said I couldn't bring it in, that did not go over well either, finally she said, 'well at least hide it under your jacket.." I like cooperation from high places. :)
    Ms Sinclair

    Wow. I didn't get dizzy when I saw that film at all. I can certainly sympathize about the price and the glasses though.

    I saw Pirates 3D last week, I didn't like it.. it wasn't filmed 3D it was superimposed, a completely different effect. Like they decided to make a 3D version after the movie was completed..
    i love it i won a 50 inch 3d tv and it looks like it is actually in your room


    I have epilesy.. So NO!!!
    they're different but I'm not a fan of them but its only my opinion maybe with more time to get adjusted too them
    Is there anyone out there who actually likes 3D movies?
    Actually no, I feel that it's just a gimmic to increase sales and for me it's just a distraction. I think that if a movie is well done then you don't need technological slight of hand to keep your attention.

    heke ya good 3d movie bad with sower eyes becouse of the darn glasses you know what maght happen in the future no need 3d glasses they got hlo grams with cuoler sounds like full hd sournd setem and big as scren +spekers just one day from sniper 1237 or sniper dundee for short. over and out comander

    No not really because they aren't even in 3D like how they used to make sure they look pretty cool but reality is that they are just layers of animation not much actual 3D.
    Bought a TV with 3D and I am a bit dissapointed. Bought a movie at $49.99 and It was rubbish. Sometimes I wondered if it was 3D. Hope they don't scrap 3D but try to improve it. There were a few good moments in it.
    Ms Sinclair

    I've never actually seen 3D TV. I was thinking of eventually buying one once they perfect them. What movie did you purchase?
    no and i am 12 years old.
    Ms Sinclair

    Why don't you like them?

    not really.

    I hate movie theaters so haven't seen one yet. People I know who have seen them say they are awesome though.

    No, I didn't actually care for them. The reason being, the quality of the 3 D effect wasn't all that impressive. I also didn't care for the idea of wearing glasses that you don't know who wore them, and you have to depend upon the door monkey's siblings to have sanitized them, as they were supposed to have!

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