Ok Ladies (And Some Gents) What's Your Favorite Part Of The Male Anatomy?

    Someone asked this about females. Now it's your turn. What do you think? It could be something physical or mental (for ex.- brains). I'll leave that up to you.

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    On my dad it was his right hand.It passed out all the money.

    Ms Sinclair

    Rotfl. That was a good one.


    lol, it dont get better than that,

    A man's brain in his head of course!


    some guys think with the smaller brain though at times...LOL


    Yes, the brain in his head, if he use it at right time, some times, he uses his other brain, .lol

    Oh come on!! Yes I love the main private part, you know it!! 2nd favorite part the back of his neck

    Ms Sinclair

    The back of his neck? Interesting.

    Actually I like a man's face, especially the eyes and the mouth.

    I love when a man has vein-y (?) forearms and hands, I know it sounds super weird but it just looks so hot! It's like they've been working really hard all day with their hands :)


    lol!! Perfectly said Ms. Sinclair

    Ms Sinclair

    Oh yeah. There's nothing like physical labor (especially the kind I'm thinking of).

    umm, i like the man's chest, it is so sexy~ ^//^ he's got to be fit for me at least slim.

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