Why is the blood red?

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    Erythrocytes - Red blood cells owe their oxygen-carrying ability to Hemoglobin, a combination of a iron-containing prosthetic group, heme, with a protein, globin. Hemoglobin attracts and forms a loose connection with free oxygen, and its presence enables blood to absorb some 60 times the amount of oxygen that the plasma by itself absorbs. Oxyhemoglobin is red, which gives oxygenated blood its red color.

    Red blood cells originate in the red bone marrow of the ribs, sternum, skull, pelvic bones, vertebrae, and the ends of long bones of the limbs.

    What marz said.
    Thats the way GOD made us.
    iron in it
    Answer number one is the best one as it is the actual hemoglobin that colors our blood. More simplistically it is the reaction to oxygen in the iron of our blood that gives this color. Bloods affinity for oxygen is weak, its affinity for CO2 is much stronger.
    My high school teacher told us it was blue until it hits the air. But we did catch him telling a few fairy tales in science class.

    It is indeed because of the iron ("hemo") of the red blood cell, that makes the blood red.  When oxygenated, it does become brighter red, when deoxygenated, it is less red, not really blue, but not as bright red. 

    Because God said so.....
    So you can tell when you are bleeding.
    Hummm . . .Oxygen makes Earth the Blue Planet, but mixed with Iron it makes the Blood Red . . .
    It is because of oxygen. Oxygen causes it to turn red when it comes in contact with the air. Answer from Marz completely explains this process.
    your blood is red?????

    mines blue
    blood is green on the inside
    Cause all the cool colors were already taken!

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