Aside from the Bible - What's the best book you've ever read and why?

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    Ms Sinclair

    What's the matter? Doesn't anybody read any more. I'd like to know about some good books to read.

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    URANTIA...English (Read, listen, download) - Urantia Book
    Urantia Book in English. Read, or listen to, or download The Urantia Book. Free Mp3. - Cached - Similar
    ?ACIM….Original Edition -
    Original Edition. This is the 1973 first edit of ACIM as originally dictated to Helen ... Download Free Copy of ACIM Original Text including a line by line ... - Cached
    Ms Sinclair

    Can you please tell me what they're about w/o me going to another website? Thank you.

    Sorry, I had to go to dinner. Urantia is about this planet in plainly written form. It is about historic events here and in the universe. It is about various religions, but it is not a religion. It is about facts and our relationship with our Creator. I found it fascinating to read. I first read this book in a study group of friends to listen, read and discuss. If we did not understand a term that was used we looked it up in a dictionary to help understand it. These study groups met weekly in the evening and they were well attended. The people I studied with were college professors, writers, musicians, artists and members of several different churches. So far as I know, no one up and joined a different church, got a divorce or became paranoid about the book or its context. Typically study groups like this go on for about a year although some groups I have attended were more involved in debate and took three years to get through the book. Often members of one group will join another if the one they are in becomes bogged down with discussion. I have started over twenty study groups and more in the study of A Course In Miracles is a mind training course. I found it very helpful. ACIM is about our thinking and how our thinking affects ourselves and others. The book states that it is written by Michael, our system Sovereign and I think it was but my opinion doesn’t matter in this regard. The downloads of these fine books are free. I found myself freed by reading and understanding these books. I was in UNITY at the time and were there a Unity church where I am now I would likely attend it.

    I taught myself to read. I was terribly dyslexic growing up. In 8th grade, the first book I ever real (I read the whole series) was Alanna The Lioness... By Tamara Pierce. It will always be my favorite because I was captivated enough by it to push myself to read it.


    wow after the father question I must seem like such a loser... I am not... I am a certified teacher with an amazing family. Blessed beyond all belief...

    Ms Sinclair

    I don't think you're a loser. Actually I believe that you're a very nice person.

    The best book I have read, difficult to say, but I would be willing to put the books into some categories: Best history book, The Making of the Atomic Bomb - Pulitzer Prize winning book about the Manhattan District Project that concluded with the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. The best mystery/comedy book, Fletch - also made into a movie. For any want-a-be writers out there who need to study dialog, that is the book to emulate. Cider House Rules is the book to study if you want to learn descriptive writing. Best Movie-Western Book is a tie between True Grit and Shane. Best World War II military book is by Pulitzer Prize winner Ernie Pyle called, Here is Your War. Best book about the USO is called, Don't Shoot, It's Only Me! by Bob Hope. Best love story is by George Burns and is called, George and Gracie, a Love Story. After Gracie Allen died, a piece of George did too, and he turned his pain into a book. Best book about the amazing story about the British in WWII is called, The War Magician. Best story about a hit man is called, Hit Man by Lawrence Block. Best story about the game of chess or pool, The Queen's Gambit and *The Hustler, both by Walter Tevis. Best comedy book about WWII, Catch 22. Best book about the Korean War? MASH by Richard Hooker. Best science fiction? Now that's a toughie because there have been so many, but my favorite would be either 2001, A Space Odyssey by A.C. Clarke, or The Man Who Fell To Earth, also by Walter Tevis. Best WWI novel, All Quiet on the Western Front. Best Mark Twain book? Yankee in King Arthurs Court. Best book about the American Civil War, Gone With the Wind. Best Book about the Gilded Age, The Autobiography of Mark Twain. Best book about the American Revolution, The Patriots. The best history book about the early history of Illinois? History of IL: 1800-1850, by Thomas Ford, the 8th Governor of Illinois. Best book about President Reagan? The Diary of Ronald Reagan, written each day while president of the US, by Ronald Reagan. Best book about animals? All Creatures Great and Small, a book by James Herriot, vet. As I said, in every genre of book, I have a favorite. Right now I am reading a monograph called, The Mormon Question: Constitutionality and Polygamy which explains how the issue of polygamy diminished state's sovereignty in all areas. The last monograph I read was called, The Color of Whiteness, about being white, and how that changed with the influx of immigrants during the 19th century and how it all applied to the idea of constitutional self governing. That book made me realize that the founding fathers idea of whiteness what not what people in the latter half of the 19th century thought of whiteness and the ability to be a good citizen. Lots of great books on the list. Hope some of you will have read them. In some cases, the books were so good they made it into movies. Oh forgot my favorite book of the early 20th century, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, another Pulitzer Prize winning effort.

    In short, if it is a Pulitzer Prize winning novel, monograph, or newspaper collection, then it is probably a good read.

    Ms Sinclair

    Wow. That's a lotta books. I've already read a few of them. Thanks for your input.
    Black Like Me is an excellent book, as is To Kill A Mockingbird.
    black like me and soul sister are god true life books. you find them in the biography section. i forget who wrote them. been a long time.

    To kill a mockingbird watched the movie Gregory Peck was a genius I then read the Book and is my favorite Book!""

    The one I hear within my heart, and that I receive in my mind, this is my favorite book, the living book, the one the Bible guided me to. :)

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