Meeting Historical Figures

    If you could go back in time, what historical period(s) or person(s) would you most like to visit? I'd like to meet Beethoven (to ask him about the Immortal Beloved), for one.

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    Without a doubt, Einstein with the very faint hope that intellectual osmosis would somehow occur. -)

    Queen Elizabeth I. Though she could be hard and was for sure very proud, I truly believe she loved her country and her people. We do not see rulers/leaders like her anymore who think so much of their people. She was a smart woman who had the gift of wit and word and could talk her way out of anything. She led her tiny nation from the dark days of her sister's reign into a golden era. I see her reign as a love story between a Queen and her people.


    A BIG TU for this post.
    Nicola Tesla who said“But the female mind has demonstrated a capacity for all the mental acquirements and achievements of men, and as generations ensue that capacity will be expanded; the average woman will be as well educated as the average man, and then better educated, for the dormant faculties of her brain will be stimulated to an activity that will be all the more intense and powerful because of centuries of repose. Woman will ignore precedent and startle civilization with their progress.”
    Thomas Edison

    I would like to have been able to walk and talk on earth with Jesus.

    I would like to met JFK Abraham Lincoln MOZART William Shakespeare Charles Dickens Socrates Plato Archimedes SUN-TZU the Chinese general genius he wrote the Book the art of war I am stopping this before this is a huge list these are very intriguing people to meet and learn from!
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
    I know it sounds very strange but i would like meet Jack the Ripper to ask why he did what he did to his female victims. Many books have been written but even to this day his true identity / reasons are still unclear.

    Curly Howard.The funniest of the 3 stooges.Oh! I thought you said hysterical.


    2-George Washington
    christiphor columbus..he would have gotton to the new world quicker with my help!

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