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    I know this is a trivial question but I'm curious to see what you have to say on the subject. My choice for sexiest actor (living) is Alan Rickman (especially when he was a bit younger - although he aint bad even now). Best looking of all time: Paul Newman. Honorable mentions: Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt, Cary Grant, Gary Oldman, Blair Underwood, Robert Redford,Sidney Poitier, Pierce Brosnan, Richard Gere, Robert Donat (I know that's going way back but still...), to name a few. Best looking musicians of all time: Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Jim Morrison, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Lenny Kravitz, Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, and so on. I'll leave the female choices to you men (or gay women, for that matter). What do you think?

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    Ms Sinclair

    No takers? Come on people. Don't be shy.

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    Marilynn Monroe... timeless
    Paul Newman was a heartthrob until he passed away. I still buy his salad dressing just to see the picture on the label.

    My musical hunk is still Eric Clapton. I go to see his concerts all the time. My husband has to tied me to the seat so I don't run on stage and grab him.
    Ms Sinclair

    LMAO. I saw Clapton, Steve Winwood, Jeff Beck,Buddy Guy, and many other great guitarists on PBS last night. What a great show. Wish I had been there in person.
    sheryl crow
    Paul Newman

    oh yes Ann
    MY There are so many Richard Gere john revolting! denzel washington brad pitt cant think of any more
    Paul McCartney ? Really ? ;-)

    Charlize Theron , Catherine Zeta-Jones. They command attention.

    Ms Sinclair

    Yes really. He was very cute when he was a young man.

    I know. I was just ribbing you. Assumed that Lennon was more your type ;-)
    Ms Sinclair

    Well you have a point but Paul and George were better looking.
    johnny depp when he was young ...
    yes, jim morrison could light my fire when he was alive
    mick jagger when he was young
    i'm so fussy - they either have to be young or alive. no others need apply.
    do the girls another night.
    The sexiest female actress is Gene Tierney from the Ghost and Mrs MUIR classic Hollywood.know liv Tyler.JAZZ SINGER'S Diana KRALL Tierney SUTTON KARRIN ALLYSON

    Thank you for the thumb ups
    William Hurt
    Ms Sinclair

    I think he's a really good actor. Have you ever seen "Copying Beethoven"? I didn't know how he was going to pull that one off before seeing the movie seeing as how he looks nothing like the composer, but I think he did a really fine job. I thought the ending of the film could have been better, but that's no reflection on his acting skills.

    Bam Margera and Cillian Murphy

    I don't believe William Hurt had a role in that movie. Calling him sexy was rather a joke but I must admit I love his voice and facial expression, which I believe, makes him a good actor.
    Ms Sinclair

    Oops! I made a big mistake. Must have been sleepy when I posted that comment. Ed Harris played the part. Don't know why I got them mixed up.

    Mm Cheryl Cole and Kate Beckinsale.

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