Do You See How Beautiful Life Is?

    Yesterday I was looking out my window when I realized a pod of killer whales was passing through our bay. I have been waiting three years to see this here and there it was. I feel so lucky to have this life. Do you see that life is a gift?

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    Yep,life can be beautiful.But it can also be not so beautiful at times.

    On the one hand our youngest daughter has presented us with 2 beautiful grandchildren & I have never known love like it.

    On the un-beautiful side our older daughter was struck down with MS 17 years ago & is now quadrapelegic.

    I guess Forrest Gump was right.Life is like a box of chocolate.You never know what you are gunna get.


    Isn't that a fact...I am so sorry to hear of your second daughters disability. One will never understand why bad things happen to good people. I pray a lot for my childrens health.
    Sure life is a gift, enjoy it all you can.

    your a gift as well, thanks for all your candid answers and just being who you are Randy
    Sure, mom ,rub it in.

    sorry you feel that way...not trying to rub anything in, just a reminder that things change within a second so enjoy and see what you have.
    ole hipster

    Don't think digger meant it derogatorially (sp?)...he/she meant it as humor....rub it in meaning that you're lucky enough to be able to live in such a cool area to be able to see such ccol ya' doing girlfriend?? (:

    Thanks hipster. You seem to be the only one that truly understands my innermost feelings, sob,sob.:-)

    BTW. I'm a he.
    I really love my life. I have the best wife and friend I could ever want. I live on the sie of a Mountain overlooking the sea. I can walk out my door and up the mountain. I meet dear an oter animals. I have 2 treas running through my garden. I am answering this question while waiting for my wife coming home and I will get a real big ug and kiss. God is so good to me.

    Nice to see you see how lucky you are

    hi mom...In your photo do you live there with the view of the sea? If so it looks good

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.thats me .Holding my wife my arm round my son looking at the ships and tug boats going by our window .the black bird singing his song stillness all a round a great feeling to be alive .


    Wow...sounds like you have a beautiful life.

    Yes Mum .I would say "Lucky to have a wife who is kind and loving .My son is the same Me i would do anything for them.

    It took me a long time to see it  but  yes  I do now


    I am happy you can see again:)
    Don't know that life is always so beautiful, but it certainly is precious!

    True...I have to agree
    each day is a gift thats why they call it the present.god certainly has a plan for everthing.what an awsome god we have

    Right your attitude

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