i am not a teenage boy nor have i ever been the mother to a teenage boy. i think boys of 13,14,15,16 are really horny. this could lead them to think they are gay? right or wrong?

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    maybe girls too.

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    at that age there trisexual they try sex any whay they can. but as far as being gay no they have instints that lead them
    Wrong. At that age, like every other kid, I had the raging hormones. I never considered for a minute having sex with another boy. I would have f**ked a spider if I knew what legs to get between, but never a boy.

    <--i am holding my sides and roaring. with every web i whisk down with my broom i'll think ... maybe i'm messing with ed's "friend" ? ha ha.
    I have a 14 soon to be 15 year old son,and he's pretty girl crazy,I think they know what they like at that age,if there straight they are horny in a straight as an arrow kinda way.
    If they are thinking they are gay, it is because they are most likely gay or maybe bisexual. If they are thinking they are straight, then it is because they are most likely straight or maybe bisexual.

    love this answer. i think i will embroider it on my tea towels. : )
    he.he i don't remember been so horny to the fact that i'd accept a guy...... i think i was average... :)

    you seem beter than average to me. big blue star-shaped face, big white smile. whooo could resist you, man?
    A teenage boy being horny isn't going to lead him to be gay. They know what they find arousing.

    I have two teen boys and i see no inclination from either to be gay. It's either born in you or it's not.

    That Kind of make since depending on the way you look at it,maybe it could lead to a deep secret in their can lead to that udercover could realy turn of any kind of way .
    hope y'all had a good time reading these answers. : D

    How in the world would I EVER know the answer to that question? And how did you EVER think it up? Just as an aside, my gay brother-in-law knew he was gay by the time he was 5 years old. Of course he didn't know the word for it ... few did in those days ...

    you are right!@#$%

    I watch the guys on the rides at Santa Cruz Beach & Boardwalk. The teenagers hold each other so very very straight when the ride tosses them this way and that ... kinda funny. cute. 

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