how do i put auto spell on my computer????

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    Your spelling doesn't look too bad, at least compared to the butchering and complete lack of caring that is usually around here, and everywhere else it seems. My computer always at least warns me that I am spelling something wrong - even as I write this. I guess I assumed that everyone's does, but it can't be the case. It has to be a setting on your browser if it is not happening for you, or people must just ignore it (when something I type gets a red underline, it is wrong and I fix it). I use Safari and Firefox browsers, and it has always worked on both.

    The same goes for word processing (MS Word), and my email programs, and every other computer I use, so it baffles me as to why people don't use it.
    "Auto spell" is maybe available, but usually it is up to you to check the correct spelling yourself. It just takes a quick click on "spelling and grammar." It will suggest something for you, or you can look up the word in the dictionary in the same area of the program. Try it, it helps a lot. And while you are at it, check punctuation, capitalization, and grammar, since spelling seems to be fairly good with you. Spelling is only half the battle - those are the rest. Good luck and I applaud you for caring and trying.

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