Collen has gone ?? I hope your happy? are you happy? im not and i think its a shame a real shame

    i would like to hear from all that have a opinion the good the bad and the ugly

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    I too will miss Colleen, but as Vinny says, it was her choice. I enjoyed her input to this site and hope she comes back, even if its under a different name. Hopefully her leaving will make the rest of us a little more tolerant toward the lifestyles and feelings of others.
    She's here, type her name on the contributers list and she will show up, started over with her karma and apparently just doing her job and commenting less.
    ole hipster

    Thanks Randy! I'll do that! You're a big help as always!
    Colleen is gone, i will miss her, it was her choice, not ours.. I think its a shame too but can't mope over it..
    i think she left because she was being bullied. we have to find a way to get her back, go down to the bottom of this page and tell contact to get her back!!
    OK...if she's back, where is she..I can't even find her on the contributors's like she's "erased" herself. I know she got PO'd by some answers and that's understandable but I too miss her...she was great and so helpful to everybody. Colleen if you're out there (or now with admin and just watching us) at least pop in and say hi once in awhile. After all..just read how many people want to know what happened to you and want you back! "(
    I talk to Colleen. She was a moderator of this site and she even was given the authority to kick out any extreme religious people by the administration of this site. She never did, instead she herself left. It's a real shame for all of us. It was her choice, but who caused it??? Stop being selfish people!
    why did she go?

    Ok il try to explain . Collen was answering a mother that had lost her son (he died) she was offering support etc . In the mean time the woman was told by some christian that her son would be in hell and not in heaven or to that effect .Now this upset Colleen so much that she said how could anyone say that to this poor mother in a time of need how and how could anyone be so cruel.So she is sick of the so called christians that are pushing there way of life to others and in a very cruel way .And i must say thats pathetic in my books to say such rubbish .

    mmm, not good at all.
    ed shank

    Collen come back. Goes to show the lack of compassion that most of these bible thumpers have. They can resit every verse in the bible but forget the meaning of what their writing. Frankly I'm tired of them. Hypocrites. They should save their religious convictions for someone who wants to here it. Peace.

    oh no. oh no. i didn't know this about colleen. this is a terrible situation. colleen if you should read this, please consider coming back with the same name. some of us are too afraid to go up against the bible thumpers. you were fearless and i see how your anger sent you away. well, we're with you. maybe we can help ... maybe not. there's quite a few of them on this site. Your words have changed me. they have caused me to have much less fear in the face of those people who tell me i'll end up in hell if i don't become their kind of christian. i am braver i am stronger. see what you did! many of us are more fearless now. if you don't come back here can you somehow contact some of us. I can't post my e-mail but maybe you can get it some way. i'm going to e-mail the contact people.
    you cant hold a good man/women down.. its fair to say we all love and miss her
    ninja ... write to the "contact" people. maybe they will give colleen your e-mail.

    yeah i guess i could ask them to pass it on its not like im asking for her private info .Thanks ohhh i think REDEYEDWOLF might be n contact with Colleen

    i already sent a message to adn. to get het back, no reply
    Just because some azz hole made those HELL comments is no reason to leave the forum. Just ignore it and move on Colleen.
    She is NOT back. The administration wanted to keep some of her posts so they kept her account alive.
    She is not active. I sure hope she comes back.
    interesting to see if the person involed makes a comment but you know what i think it very unlikely .

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