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    What is your fondest childhood memory? Mine is going to Coney Island's Steeplechase park and spending time on the beach with my family.

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    Hiking down to the river on hot summer days and swimming, diving off the rocks, and picnicing and camping and playing in the water with my dog.

    Ms Sinclair

    Sounds mighty good to me too.

    Finding enough returnable bottles to go down to our little general store and get a coke and eat a snickers bar. Back then it only took about 50 cents if I remember {or a arm full or returnables}

    Ms Sinclair

    Those were the days (sigh)weren't they.

    Grew up on the shore's of lake erie in Cleveland,Ohio,so that's where i spent a of time as a kid,a 10 min.walk from our house,still live very close to the lake.


    Not the city it once was,bring back the 60's.

    Ms Sinclair

    Must be beautiful there.

    asking my mum "why the clouds move to wherever i go"


    back then i had no idea how the clouds worked, everyone cracked up laughing, i felt embarrassed for asking it :(


    yeah, i was really little when i did a wild dance with coocarachas. everybody laughed and i too felt the embarassment.
    a dollhouse on christmas eve, a fire in the fireplace, and the smell of christmas eve dinner cooking. the tiny dolls had real flannel blanks about the size of a playing card in pink and blue,
    Ms Sinclair

    Wow. I was surprised to see this question pop up again on page 1. I think your answer is delightful btw. Sounds like a great Christmas. Thumbs up to you. Thanks for sharing that memory.

    Building a tree house and playing mock war games in the woods near my home. Great fun.

    TSC,mock war was fun I liked to be Sarg.from Combat

    White Sands NEW MEXICO.The Alamo crossing the ocean to Germany .Pirates game.

    Ms Sinclair

    Pirates game? Did they win?

    Ms Sinclair

    Ah what a great player and humanitarian.

    papa peg

    The last time I went to a Pirates game.Roberto Clemente was still playing.At forbes field.

    My favorite memory is making pumpkin bars with my chef father. He is awesome at frying and Asian food (probably because he's mostly Asian), but he is terrible at making dessert or baking. I did most of the work on that dish, even though I was only seven. It tasted great, except the mushy area on the bottom. I think my dad greased the pan a bit too much.

    Praising the Lenin

    The priest messed me up for life...


    :( thats aweful

    Ms Sinclair

    That is sad. Did you ever report him?


    Thats sad...too bad you had to have something like that take away from the childhood you deserved.


    sorry ... damn priest! a lot of little kids got messed up.

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