why is he hurting my feelings?

    I dated a man about 13 years ago who i loved dearly. I found out that he was cheating and I broke it off. I went my way, he went his. He noticed me, we started talking again and he asked me to marry him. He also told me that he had non hodgekins lymphoma he told me that he was in remission. One month later he said the cancer was back and he was told he had 4 months to live. Wow that killed me. well it has now been 8 months and he is still here. He says he loves me and now I love him. Since then he finds everything wrong with what I say or feel. He accuses me of other men, but I never been to his house, I have never seen where he lives. He does not answer the phone when I call him right back, but he does call me back, then I'm upset. Now I don't answer for him. We can't talk, but we have a ball when where together out. Not sex. He's now mean on the phone, but when he see me he's so sweet. What's going on? SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME.

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    He's in a relationship already. Wanna bet?

    I think you should just steer clear of him and get him out of your life once and for all. Why take abuse you do not have to?

    This guy is WHACKED! Steer clear for your own sake!

    I don't think he's ready for a relationship my dear. =] you can do better.

    Do you know where he lives? It's very odd that he is keeping that from you and very odd that being engaged, you don't know. I hate to say it dear...but usually when a partner starts accusing and it's coming out of nowhere, heshe is the one cheating. Also it is common that constant picking and being cruel for no reason is another strong sign that he /she has someone else on the side. There are so many signs that something isn't right here and being the one so enamoured it is hard to see and harder to believe.My advice is to find out the truth rather than holding on to someone who is clearly not holding you back. I have to wonder when he speaks meanly to you on the phone, if the other girl isn't overhearing the call and he is telling her that you are some crazy ex that won't leave him alone. Makes sense why he is so sweet when you are alone together yet so cruel on the phone.GO TO HIS HOUSE UNANNOUNCED!!! Bring him flowers as a good excuse if you get there and he is alone, but honey for God's sake "GO THERE". We have one life to live so why live it feeling like this...are you not worth more? I also have to add that people treat us how we allow them to. Think about that hard and put some value on yourself for a change.A normal relationship leaves you feeling good inside not torn into pieces!

    Sounds like your his sidekick,you can do much better.

    You are letting your emotions supress good judgment. All the people posting here can see that from the man's behavior. At worst, he is in another relationship and is conning you; at best, he is mentally disturbed. He is dying? Give me a break. Wake up honey and quit being a sucker.

    Perhaps you might think saying this is harsh, but you need to be made aware of the true situation. If you ignore everyone here, you deserve the consequence you are about to suffer.

    he just filret and time pass with u nothing more leave him and find any other good bf

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