how can one make friends with strangers?

    I am shy and am interested in alot of topics, but I live in poverty and cannot find equally intelligent people. College grads are either young or professionals with a life. Being middle aged and not having a social life with very little money and a lack of independent transportation is rough!

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    Good question, I think it takes courage to write such a personal question, thumbs up to you.

    You have a few good suggestions from Monkey and Vinny, I would only add,"Just be yourself." You seem to be honest, people will see this and many people appreciate this rare quality in people.

    Make sure you get out there, go to a social place like Starbucks, you don't have to spend a lot of money, just check out the local bus routes and find a mall near you or another place where people gather. Maybe a place that you hold interest in like a library or a museum? Good luck, hope this helps...
    A stranger is a friend that yo haven't met yet-- 'Shy' will get you nowhere.. Break the shy habit and then watch the magic..

    Or you could buy a truck, everyone that owns a truck has more friends than they need.. LOL.

    Smile and just ask a friendly question. See where it goes from there some people are approachable some are not. It is trial and error.
    Start with a smile and a "Hello", then ask how they are, then show you are interested in them. Intelligence doesn't equal interesting. I've met some super intersting people who are not educated. But, everyone has a story, ask some questions, get them talking then you won't have to. I'm shy too, but once you get someone talking it can get quite intersting!

    P.S. You don't need money to visit! :)

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