if I had one had an accident in a parking lot where there was no police charges and no insurance claim, would auto insurance be affected at all?

    please note: the accident above was reported to an accident reporting centre by the other party but not myself..would your answer still hold?

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    Probably yes. I case a claim is submitted later for an injury by the other party.
    Mr Bill

    the other party's car was parked and unoccuppied at the time of the accident.Would this still be the case in your opinion?
    If it was reported by the other party your insurance will be notified and you will be contacted for your version as to what happened. So yes, you probably will experience an increase in your insurance, unless you have Accident forgiveness which some companies will let you slide for a first time minor incident. Good luck.
    Mr Bill

    Thanks for your response.....although not what I was hoping to here. Further note...I was contacted by the accident reporting centre to file a report and explain my view of the accident. I was told by the clerk taking my report that my report did not have to be sent to my insurance company, which it wasn't.

    Also do you know if the other party's insurance company would automatically contact my insurance company about the other party's report of the accident( as their was no claim being processed-we were settling out of insurance), or would they need to request this report ? other? thanks for your help on this ......I'm just hoping there is a chance that my insurance company will not get a copy of the report as a result?
    not if you didnt report it
    Mr Bill

    if one didnt report it but it was reported to an accident reporting centre by the other party would one's auto insurance be affected ?

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