If you're looking for Colleen, she's gone

    She has deleted her account and is gone. She asked me to post this and let you know. She says good bye to those who liked her.

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    Last time i heard of her she was still moaning as only colleen can do,


    Hector, you use a 2 year old question to toss a dig at me? Grow up please.
    That's to bad she will be missed. Tell her I said bye..
    Please tell her I care about her and will miss her.
    It's truly sad to hear, she made me laugh more than anyone. The site won't be the same without her. She helped and cared, and had many excellent answers. I will miss her, I think she added a great deal of insight to this site and she will be missed by most of us.

    If you get the chance please tell her that I wish her the best of luck, and I hope she will stop by to visit us once in a while. Best wishes Colleen.
    awwwhhhh :( But i really liked her alot........
    Tell her I miss her too!
    i never liked her.!! i loved her!!
    Tell her that Darci will miss her? I am sorry.
    Colleen, you were the backbone for this site. You are honest, compassionate and have tremendous insight on many subjects, so your departure is definitely our loss. I hope that everything is OK.

    I'll miss you (((Col))).
    doublehelix colleen sent you a email

    REDEYE im going to give you a Email of mine if you could pass it on to Colleen i would be very thankful and its up to her if she wants to.
    Oh yes Colleen was one of a kind witty with great answers and such a likeable personlity very tolerant.And yes i will miss her quiet a bit .It is a real shame that she has gone .

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