Ladies: Is it true blonds have more fun? Do you get more attention? Men: Any preference?

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    Although I do find some blond women attractive, it really depends on the rest of the package, personality, especially. I don't prefer blonds I actually prefer women who keep as close as possible to how God made them.

    There is a very natural beauty in women, I don't like women with fake anything, I have dated women with breast implants, but if you really like a woman or (love one) the size of her breasts isn't an important thing.

    I know some guys won't agree with me on that last part and that's o.k.. The women that I've dated that have more fake things added to their body, in my experience have been more fake of a person personality wise.

    I like a woman who is happy with who she is naturally, a little make up or some is o.k., but to much makeup is a turnoff. Anyhow it doesn't really matter what color of hair you have, it's easy to have as much fun with any color of hair or even no hair. It's probably just an old add slogan some hair dye company came up with to sell more blond hair dye.

    Wow, they still do the foot binding? That's a shame I heard that it's very painful. Yes, I don't mind if a woman has highlights or a little dye, but the bleached out blond's just looks to artificial to me. I think most peoples natural hair color compliments their looks, not works against it.

    Thanks for the comment it's an interesting one.
    Headless Man

    I agree leeroy......... TU
    I am a blonde and no I am not dizzie I a have degree and I have a succesful buisness I have had lots of fun and still have fun I am very sincere and care for others and there feelings I dont think it matters what colour you hair is, good question mel
    Beauty is only skin (hair) deep. Give me a sincere, honest and loving lady any day (but don't tell my wife). :o)

    ha ha ... flip good to hear from you. are you flip or is that your extremely cute little white-haired dog?

    I'm Flip. The extremely cute dog (Max) is better looking than me so I use his picture instead of mine so not to frighten anyone.
    Shucks, I thought there was going to be a bunch of blond jokes here, bummer.
    does the same apply to guys with blonde hair.. i dont know..all i can say is i having the time of my life since i died my hair blonde..
    I am a natural dark brunette but when I dye it red, I def. get more attention. I have fair skin and freckles so it it looks natural. I have a lot of Irish in me so it seems to bring that side out of me as well ;) as far as blonde....?? could be
    The only benefit I have found is having an excuse for mistakes and getting my mords wixed!!:P
    I'm not blonde... and if TSC comes along, which he will with a question like this, my hair is RED... and my temper matches it.

    I have no idea how men feel, except you leeroy since you've told us, but I don't like fake. There's a difference between making the best of what you have and rubbish like implants.

    Re blondes... I know it isn't true because I know plenty of clever blondes, but the phrase DUMB BLONDE comes to mind.

    I wonder if men are attracted by the hair colour or the idea they can be macho and have it all there own way?
    ed shank

    I think all colors are beautiful, but I am partial to redheads a wee bit. There is something to the temper thing. I tread softly at times, the wife has red hair.

    Your wife is safe from TSC.

    Only joking. :-)
    my answer is exactly the same as madisons lol.

    You're back then?

    No, sorry marmite. It was monkey having technical problems.

    do not understand this who did you think i was?

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