Where does it state on my car insurance policy how long Im coverd until I have to make another payment?

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    Policies are issued for one year. I've heard that some companies will allow payment arrangements. That will not be in your policy.
    Assuming you live in the USA...
    When you made your last payment, the invoice should have indicated the period the payment was for. If you are however, asking if there is a grace period after the payment due date, there most likely is, but it would be regulated by the state in which you live. The grace period doesn't extend your coverage, it merely covers you if your payment is a little late.
    Agreed ed.

    keeta should apply for another just before a year from the date he/she took it out, and it's always worth shopping around for a cheaper one.

    Mine has just gone up... the lowest I could find... but I have a powerful car. A friend has changed companies and saved ?60... quite a lot of dollars if you're in the US... not sure of today's exchange rate, and it's tomorrow here.

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