If aliens exist what does this mean about our understanding of God/Allah?

    My question is. With all this recent evidence on UK TV about aliens, what does their existence mean about our understanding of God/Allah?

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    If so-called extraterestials frequent our small galaxy and planet, then they must be considered in the vein of demonology. If they exist in the universe, then perhaps almighty God created more than our species. That said, mankind alone is special in the eyes of the God of Abraham.

    God sent His own son to die for man's transgressions. That incredible sacrifice illustrates a God of love and acceptance to all who would call upon His name.

    Aliens are the fallen sons of God from Genesis. They poke their images into our dimension to see how far we are have fallen into evil (darkness). Then they know how much time they have left before they are eternally cast into the "lake of fire."

    Don't be bloody stupid. The aliens are much smarter that you. That's why they don't contact us.

    i read that there was a war in the heavens and demons were cast down to the earth. demons are restricted from the heavens!!! so if you ever wonder, why do bad things go on here on earth?, maybe that is why. God said "In my house are many mansions." God's house is all that there is and maybe even more. He didn't just make humans. the numbers of His creations is limitless. there are worlds that no eyes have seen and colors never conceived and sounds no ears have heard. just because you never experienced, doesn't mean it is not. mostly things are not what they seem. in fact you are mostly empty space and air yet you think you are solid. an alien would mostly know more about God the us simple minded creatures. maybe we are those cast down demons and the garden we were kicked out of was the heavens. if God sent a redeemer, when He lowers the rope, don't just stand there, tie the knot. except the gift!!! aliens, angels, God, they can come and go in this world. one day, heaven on earth. see you then!!!! if you don't just stand there.


    Revelation chapter 12 is where you read it. and yes we are living in that period called the 'Short period of time. Also known as 'the last days.'

    we think of God because we were created by a being. we can't comprehend or visualize God but for some reason we know of him and that he is out there somewhere. i think it is something in our dna that sends us that signal. just the way the atoms and electrons behave and maybe the same way in all life. everything knows GOD!

    God "The Creator" It would take a very small mind not to belive. My theory is that since there are trillions of Stars (Suns) A good portion of them have life. Our sun is one of the youngest in the known universe,the other 80% of suns are milions or billions of year older. We will never be able to reach them because of their enormous distance from us. But when we dye our spirit travels to the next sun with a living planet, simmilar to ours. Depending on our acomplisments.In each new planet much more advanced and closer to God we will continue learning and purifying, Until after as many deaths as it takes to purify our souls we will finaly reach perfection to be able to see the Allmighty.If we are bad in this world we will repeat until we learn enough to move on to the next one.

    And where did you get that theory from? I dont think you have any bases for it

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