my breast feel tender and my tummy feels hard my last priod was 18 of feb i feel bubbles in my tummy and feel tirerd all the time gone off my food i though iwas pregnant but done a test its negative what else could be?

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    I would totally recommend going to a doctor. I have known of some who during stressful times have missed a few periods and their tummy did feel hard and they felt gross, but I would say that in the case that it could be something else you would do well to see your family doctor.

    Perhaps - it needs checking.
    There is such a thing as a phantom pregnancy, but one test isn't a reliable guide. If the doctor is free to visit... I don't know where you are or what you can afford... go and see her/him.

    If cost is a worry and testing kits are available in a pharmacy, use one. You could well be pregnant and if you are nothing you describe is abnormal. You are far enough on to need care though so you must arrange that.

    If one or more home tests read negative... doctor, because something is wrong.

    Take care
    you could still be pregnant.go to the docter and have it done again.

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