Friendships with Muslims

    I've have developed a friendship with Islamic community - an Imam and another gentleman. Anyone had success in giving a faithful witness to the Gospel in such a circumstance.

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    At the end of the day, isn't it true that it's what YOU believe that matters to you and your family? Set a good example, be kind to your neighbor, be respectful, keep an open mind, and see where the chips fall. Lastly, as the Bible says, judge not lest ye be judged.

    that's a great answer :)

    No problem, just don't get on a bus with them or any OTHER crowded place unless they are only wearing a bathing suit.


    haheha :)
    I have a muslim Friend also, an awesome guy!.
    he's like the funniest/smart/best friend guy i have in my life
    our religion is very close as i am a christian so we do get along pretty well :)
    I am a christian .Having been raised in a Muslim household, I can say they (Muslims) are all nuts. They hate the infidels, Jews, and scores of other people and lifestyles. Muslims will never been invited in my home. They will tell you of their tolerance towards others, and how peaceful the Koran is. In actuality they will kill their own children who become too Americanized. They all suck.

    I have no difficulty in witnessing to people of different cultures other than language.
    Simply treat them with kindness, dignity and respect even if you are at odds with their culture.
    Traveling in foreign lands also helps to broaden the mind. Makes you appreciate that if you had been brought up in their circumstances you would probably think and act the way they do. I have worked with both Jews and Arabs in a supervisory capacity. The trick is not to let them know that.

    I have also worked with Poles, Filipinos, Greeks, Germans, Italians, Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis and Sikhs and on one occasion a Parsi, as an engine room manager of foreign crew vessels. I have witnessed and held bible studies with them. Frankly foreign crews are often much easier to work with than British crews who often act abusively and as if they are doing you a favour when they are only doing what they have been paid to do.

    However I would say to the questioner, are you sure that the witness you are giving is up to date and not contaminated with pagan mythology as is the case with the majority of people who consider themselves to be 'Born again' especially those who wear their collars back to front in an attempt to assume their supposed superiority?

    I became friends with a muslim man from Africa a year and a half ago, we are very close and altho I found his religion weird for a start, as he explained it to me, I was always keen to know more. I am a christian. He is a dear friend and I love him very much. I wud be lost without him.

    If you are able to answer this question (NO HELP FROM GOOGLE, PLEASE), you could possibly be ready to befriend a Muslim:

    Ask yourself if you know the difference between Islam and Muslim.

    Without help, I'll bet 95% of the American people does not know the answer.

    definitions :)
    islam = peace = religion
    muslim= submitter = human (follower)



    ignorance is bliss :)

    Doublehelix, you took the words out of my mouth. On second thought, perhaps it's more than just blissful ignorance.
    The thing about being friends is they are taught to lie and be nice to infidels, I mean I would like to have some Muslim friends especially if they're not extremists, but they tell you one thing to your face and hate you behind your back.

    So it's a tricky thing to want to be friends, yes some are sincere, like double helix said, but a lot are just out to trick you.

    lol, aren't i lucky then :) but no one's really out their to trick you :S
    you just have to trust a bit more and give chance a choice to act upon.
    yes, it's true extremist are really bad and that, but i don't think the normal ones would hate you or talk behind your back if your truly friends :)

    lol, how can they trick you anyway? :)

    Could be there is a difference between the older and younger generations. Ask you friend about the teaching on tricking you enemies I've heard it has a special name to it, but don't remember.

    wow, really?
    but i'm not sure if he knows, anyway i'll ask :)

    Cool, let me know, it has something having to do with,"It's o.k. to lie to your enemies."

    heha. that's going to be pretty fun thing to investigate ;)
    o0ps. suliz.
    anyways, muslims believe that god can't have kids. they believe he's a prophet, like a special messenger like noah, moses and others like them. and yes they do believe mohammad was the last prophet.
    only christians believe that he's a son. WELL that's the confusing part, i have this debate with my muslim friend sometimes, the results are confusing :S. anyways only time will tell. i believe he's a son but :S :S :S
    The question wasn't whether or not Muslims could be good friends, which they can, but how you can give faithful witness to the gospels as a part of that friendship.

    The answer to that is you can't. Muslims believe that Muhammed was Allah's (God's) last prophet and DENY that Jesus Christ was the Son of God. They agree He lived, but downgrade Him to a mere prophet.

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