Should Christian Pastor burn the Koran?

    I have my opinions, but want to know what you think.
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    That is not even a question, NO.

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    Absolutely not!!! This guy is teaching hatred and intolerance by his stupid actions.
    It's a shame christians like this guy, give other Christians a bad name. He should be teaching love not hate!!! He is a very bad example of a Christian.


    I agree with you. TU


    Agree :)

    Thanks guys, love is the answer, not hate.

    Absolutely Not...this is what starts wars created by judgment and hate within religions. It's not up to man to judge...maybe one of mans greatest sins...most likely the reason for religious wars.

    No. Every religion no matter what zealots do because of it should be respected. Should the bible be burned because of the "Holy Crusades?"

    I live in FL part of the year, this so called "pastor", was threatening to burn the Koran a few months ago. Some politician talked him out of it. Well, it looks like he just couldn't contain himself any longer and just had to do it. What an idiot, like the U.S. doesn't have enough enemies...

    It might have been Jessie Jackson who talked him out of doing it the first time, I don't remember exactly who. The pastor is burning the Koran because of the Muslims that burn the Bible. Christians in other parts of the Muslim world are tortured, raped and murdered. I see how he is thinking, and it's wrong.

    Two wrongs don't make a right no matter what you do. Although, three rights do make a left.


    t.u.2u, thanks. I saw him on the local news a while ago when he decided not to do it, I was thankful that he had a change of heart.
    But I suppose he just couldn't help himself???

    I understand where he is coming from, after 9-11 I wanted to punish the ones behind the attack, but once reason got a hold of me, I realized the Bible says to love your enemies. That's the best way to be an example of Christ. LOVE, show it, don't blow it.


    It's Terry Jones.


    did any muslim burn the bible? when..


    I agree with you! It goes against Christianity to make such an offensive spectacle. The Pastor was wrong. On the other hand, addressing the response from the Muslims, wow! So someone burns a Bible, I've got my own. If he burns my Bible, I know where the book store is. Vengeance is mine sayeth the mob or the Pastor, who had no business performing the execution.

    Just as a side not Colleen, it is my opinion that evil men performed the crusades and not the Bible, much the same as the Pastor performed the execution of a Koran and not the Bible. The Bible bids us to live peaceably with all men. If men actually lived up to the counsel in the Bible the Crusades wouldn't have happened, nor much of what is done bearing the name of Christianity.

    No, he should not burn the Bible, just like no one should have burned Witches either.

    Well Said...

    There is evil everywhere, burning the Qur'an or Koran as you prefer is wrong, regardless of where you stand on the religious issue. I don't pay a whole lot of attention to MSNBC but there is no right way to do something wrong. Muslims and Christians have been at it for 2000 years. Its still wrong but I don't see much change in the fact in several lifetimes. Building a mosque at ground zero i think is wrong as well.

    Jesus is a prophet of Islam, and the name of Jesus is written more times in the Koran than the name of Mohammed.

    Its a good way to flush out all the muslim crazies. The normal ones will ignore it.

    God has inspired many scriptures in his idea of himself, out of which many traditions were born. These teachings being the mysteries and the keys to Love and Peace or the Christos and the Father. They are guides to the Inward-Man, the True-Man, Ones Christ-man heard within. To burn any such works is in essence to ignorantly burn yourself, for hate and intolerance is a mighty fire. This creature, this fundamentalist is such a creature, dark and ignorant of God. Creating chaos where ever he can. But pay him no mind, for the darkness ever recedes before the Light. :)

    Im not a christian, but no one has the right to attack another person spirtual path. The other group that comes to mind is the Baptist church that will protest at a persons military funeral if they know he or she was gay. These people are crazy..have they read over the passage that Christ taught to "Love one another" This is nothing more than pure hate and evil...standing around with banners that preach hate and killing of people. Enough said but I do believe in the 3 fold theory or Karma. But it wont come quick enough for these folks.
    I think he should burn the bible too. Then he will show his empathy with the koran.
    Absolutely not!!!

    In the New Testament, there were men who were walking around healing people in the name of God and the disciples of Jesus noticed them. They ran back and told Jesus what they witnessed and told him that they told these men to stop doing it. Jesus said, they are doing so in the name of God, prevent them not!

    With that said, we must remember that God is no respecter of persons. And that it is written that there are those who follow a law which God had written upon their hearts to follow righteous ways. Although they do not know our laws, they are a law unto themselves in His eyes(Romans 2:15)

    We should also let them have their faith. We should not persecute people on the basis of faith because we believe we have a right to trample on it. We do not! We don't know when we call what is of God evil. I say be very very careful!

    Your sister,


    Only if it served a good purpose which it does not. Besides, would we want those who believe the Koran to burn our Holy Bible? I think not.

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