how can you be so stupid to believe that life evolved

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    I'm not, I believe in creation.
    Creation is a lie, God created man? How stupid was that? If men were created in Gods image he has a lot to answer for, because from the begining man screwed up and has been ever since, he should have made us all dogs, as in his name sake, a least dogs are loyal, loving, protective, trusting and they don't require lies and myths to keep them happy, just love and food simple.
    Your god, if he exists is incompedent, stupid and a moron and also a coward, if he is real why did he send his son do deal with us instead of himself, hiding in a place surrounded by angles while his son was murdered, some hero huh?

    Dogs can also bite and kill.

    OA: I'll bet you were abused in the Catholic church. Get some counseling.
    First of all God gave us free will. We can choose to believe in Him. He doesn't want a bunch of mindless people following him. He wants people that with all there hearts believe and love him.

    The story of the Garden of Eden teaches us so much. We act like Eve many times in our lives. I believe if that was me i would have done what she did faster than her. We are week and need a continual filling of God's Holy spirit to keep us on the right track.
    The question of why Jesus and not God. I don't know. I have never heard this question before. I do know He didn't have to. His son is the perfect payment. Fully pure and sinless. He left Heaven in all His glory and came to be a child on earth. He was raised as a child to experiance our life. He could be tempted with our life. as we are. He did this and never sinned. This shows us if we stay close to God through our prayers we can be free of sin. But we will fail as I have many times. Once I am in heaven I will be perfected.
    I do know that when you pay for something you can't pay for it with the wrong currency. In the states things are paid for with American $ not the Yen.
    In Heaven Jesus was the currency. He was Pure and willing . He knew what His task was and did it anyway. For you and me.
    Jesus had His blood spilled to pay the price for our sins. The sin was brought into the world from Adam and Eve. we all have it in us as we are all decendants of those two.

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