Who to fear?

    Muslim's with their mighty capabilities of warfare? The US, under the guise of Christianity following orders from her Mother the Papacy?

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    I would say that the Muslims are in lock step with the pope on abortion and birth control. Regardless, your point is that the US/Christianity is not following orders from the Vatican, correct?


    the u s is in lock step with the pope on abortion right


    very good question

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    Look Mitch, I'm giving you a thumbs up on your question because I think it is valid and a all around good one, America by no means is under the Papal influence, at least none of the politically involved people who I personally know. You may want to research this part of your question.

    The secular word has reasons to fear, but mostly from the future problems with Muslim extremists and rogue dictators with nuclear weapons. I believe China will become a major problem in the world in the next few years as well as Russia. The alliance between the two countries will be an unholy one.

    If you are like me and have Jesus, your viewpoint will change. Once you have faith in God you know that He's in control of everything and your faith will leave you with a peace and the knowledge that there is nothing to fear in this world. If God if for us, who can be against us? No one can overpower God or His will. TMO. that's my opinion.

    that is the truth!

    Very well put it Leeroy. Great comment.

    Thank you Carmax and Varon.

    psalm 27: the Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall i fear? the Lord is the strength of my life: of whom shall i be afraid?

    How do you get America is following Christianity and the Pope?

    dwayne, abortion use to be illegal and young girls were dying because of going to hacks to abort babies. Women of violent rapes should not have to bear a child as a result of that rape. Just two of the reasons I support legal abortions.

    Good question, Mitchell.  No wonder I started thinking of the word "Crusade" as I read your question.  Sometimes things can really get out of hand despite good intentions.

    Fear the IGNORANT and the ARROGANT. 

    fear god and god alone the one true living god that is
    I'm assuming your pro Muslim. I dislike Muslims, they are oppressive to their own and have no tolerance for anyone who's thinking is not as theirs. If all Muslims were allowed to have the same educational opportunities as the free world, this evil religion would implode into itself. "Stupid" people are easy to brainwash.

    " (Americans) fear no one, never have and never will."- (Panda)

    Anyone with a gun in thier hand

    Comte, did you actually read the whole question? LOL

    The question was in regard to FEAR. Fear no one, fear nothing, don't point fingers at any of its manifestations, nor nurture it in any way or it will consume you, in fear. One needs to cultivate a little depth to see past the surface of things.

    The question was about..."Muslim's with their mighty capabilities of warfare? The US, under the guise of Christianity following orders from her Mother the Papacy?"

    Not about the word fear but WHO to fear.
    You have to fear the wacky preachers.

    I would question any religion that uses the word "warfare". Religion sould be about peace.

    fear is believing in you of what you can do are can not do.but to believe in God, HELLO EVERYONE.FRIST OF ALL For God gave us not a spirit of fearfulness; but of power and love and discipline.if God is for you who can beaganist you,and no weapon froam againt you or me shell prospers.that is faith in God word.when i am week ,my faith in God is strong.fear brings ,procrastination,like my spelling.i didn't want to read in front of class becouse of my i didn't like reading.but now i am trying again to read better,and spell i believe i understand now why fear came opon me is becoure,of right now.i was a child then. we are born with the sents of fear becouse of the body we live can fill when somthing hert you,or some one trying to hert warning sign danger,protections of love one...etc.i am not talking about that kind of fear.i talking about when God said fear not,i am with you for ever amen.when fear trys to enter your mind,think of God fear not for i am with you,now fear has to go,becouse your spirit mind said so,not your body that fear try to decieve.were there fear,there no faith,and were there faith there no fear.pitcher this in your mind.a train is on a railroad track,all box car or full of God word.God said his word,and his promise to use will be fulfill.put your faith in one of the box car and relax.

    That guy down the road at number 34, i think he is plain crazy....thats who i fear

    Fear the Powerful winds that drop in from out of no where powerful enough to Blow your house down.

    Fear any Country that feels it's better than any other and has to be on top.

    Fear the persons who are in charge of the RED BUTTONS that could launch deadly missles of doom.

    Fear the Evil Spirit that permeates this world. It makes Fun of all the bloody, Violent Games, Movies ,Songs, Books, TV programs that fill the heads and hearts of our youth.

    Fear the idea that there is NO GOD and those who push the idea that we alone are the Cause and Cure of our disfuntional society.

    Fear getting Older and Deseased and Out of Control. Life is so short and unforfilled.

    Fear the one who made all things wonderful and good. Hope he IS Loving and Merciful and will step in and change Mankind's corse of self distruction. 


    Why does every so called "religion" want to attack another religion because of the way they serve God? The truth is, it is not the fear of the religion, it is the fear of the people in the religion.

    I say, believe what you want to believe as long as you don't hurt no one. Serve God the way God deserves to be served; my faith dictates that in the end, this will be sorted, accordingly!

    It's not about the faith! It's not about religion. It's about a "story" that began long before we became. There is a righteous side of it and a "wrong-chus" side of it; and we just happen to be in the middle.

    It's like sitting in your house and watching a tornado approach outside your window. You've got the cold in it and the hot in it and both sides swirling up this monster of a destructive force.

    Thing is, we have to endure it! Some people will lose their "homes" (lives). Some will not; and we will rebuild as this too will pass.

    Your sister,

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