will I ever marry again?

    and feel finacially secure.

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    nobody can make that decision for you except yourself. Remember first time is a dousy second time is a lousy. You can always ask your future ex husband only if his words are gold
    It's possible for you to get marry. Besides marrying for financial security add, love, respect, and happiness. Also, be sure you can bring the same thing to the table!!!
    ya you will,but i will never get married again.
    Look like you got some bucks for God sake. Buy a new car start dressing like your rolling in dough. They'll be on you like flies on shit. Just kidding guy, good luck.
    My brother met his wife on, why don't you try a computer dating site????
    Yes, you will. There is someone out there thats going to make you VERY HAPPY. Good luck.

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