Do you use Paltalk?

    Do you use it? I'm Mindblade16 there as well!

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    Hey...I know I'm getting old (or frankly so have been in awhile) but what in the love of god is pal talk??

    Mindblade16 Download it. Its a combo chat/IM service thats free if you don't care about ads at the bottom of the chat window. You can make friends easily by navigating the directory of rooms and adding the names of people you talk to on your buddy list. You can even make your own room where you are the admin. All rooms are created by someone, and they admin their own rooms and can make other members administrators too. If you want a colored nic with no ads and more video, you can upgrade to the paid service. Again, I'm Minbdlade16 on there, so add me and IM me when you want to.

    No, I use yahoo messenger.

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