what can you do about agerman shepards skin stinking so bad

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    I would ask a veterinarian what to do. My shepard always seemed to smell doggy very soon after a bath, perhaps it's a breed issue. If you bath your dog too often it will cause dry skin and that's not good either. Perhaps a dry shampoo would help.
    Sources of dog odor include: ear infections, anal gland impaction, dental disease, and various skin conditions. He may have overgrowth of yeast or bacteria on the skin. Have you noticed his skin looking black or darker than normal, esp. on his belly? (I know, hard to tell under all the hair!) Does he scratch, bite, lick, or chew? Scoot his butt across the floor? Shake his head or scratch at his ears? Have foul-smelling breath?

    Some dogs do naturally have more odor than others, but this much odor is certainly not normal. I've smelled PLENTY of stinky nasty dogs in our clinic, trust me. They all had something wrong, usually allergies (pretty common in GSD's) that led to skin disease and therefore odor. The return of the odor a day or two after a bath is par for these poor dogs. Best bet is to check with your vet (sounds like he's due anyway). When you go in to get his rabies booster, mention the odor and that it returns even a day or two after a bath. Hopefully your vet will check the ears, mouth, anal glands, and skin all over his body, and go from there.

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