Religion and Money

    Can one exist without the other?

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    Seriously, I go to a huge church the 4th or 5th largest in the country, one of the largest and most successful in the world. (They don't ask anyone for money), they don't pass the plate, they only talk about tithing usually one time a year. They have boxes in the back of the church where people can give on their own accord. It's a non-denominational religion, no added rules, just the Bible.

    I know you can turn the t.v. on and see plenty of preachers asking for money, but times have changed. There are good and bad churches, good and bad pastors. Phonies are in every group of people. Please remain open minded, all churches aren't about money nor are all churches bad or corrupt.

    I consider many of you my online friends, I just ask that you don't put all Christians or churches into one big bag. People do bad and good no matter who they are affiliated with. Thanks for considering my thread.


    We have a church here 'The Hillsong Church' it is all over the world now. That place is all about money. And it is a cult, you cannot question the pastor's actions at all. If you do you will be kicked out of the church. There have been questions about the money he makes and how he lives.

    Jesus is the answer! Not fabricated religion and certainly not money.

    in the begaining was God and his word.God spook life into existent.what a God that can speek to all of his creation,at one time.we were made in his likness.back then it was word of moth,your word was your like money in the bank.the bible said God can't lie. God,said to his 12 desaiper,put every thing down,leave your familys,and follow me.thay follow him in spirit and in thuth whon paid for there expense?God no man heart,and God love a cherful giver.if you are getting the word of God in your heart,you will be a cherful giver,without enyone asking for money.i am very rich in God word,and what every God word saids,i will do,are keep trying to until i can.i live like a rich man,becouse my farther once every thing.what every i need in his will i will receive.i cant give money to all of prechers on tv.God will is for his word to go out to all of use.when he touch my heart,i will give from my heart.

    Yes, depends upon your whay of thinking, yes can defineitely exist without the other!

    Yes. People have been doing it since the beginning of time.

    Still, there is nothing new under the sun. Same stuff, different people.

    Your sister,


    Yes it can, but organized religion cannot.

    well the churches and there administration rely on it as it is there only form of income tax free of-course and yes some dont ask for money but if the cash flow stopped the readings in church would revolve around giving etc and the plate would make a glorious come back and your one way ticket into heave would be under threat.

    Yes. My religion never costs a thing - EVER! Apparently it can last without money and has done so for many thousands of years.

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