I grow a lot of spices, basil, thyme.oregano etc. How do I dry them for use during the off-season?

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    Discard any dead or yellowed leaves.

    As soon as possible, take the herb bunches in and hang them in a warm, dry place which is well ventilated and not exposed to direct sunlight. (Traditionally, herbs were hung above kitchen fireplace mantels or in attics.)

    Tie herbs and hang – leafy ends down – so that the essential oils in the stems will flow into the leaves. Do not hang the herbs above the stove you cook on; grease and odors can damage the delicate texture, flavor, and aroma of the herbs.

    To prevent dust from collecting on the drying leaves, place each bunch inside a paper bag before hanging. Gather the top of the bag and tie the herb stems so the leaves hang freely inside the bag. For ventilation, cut out the bottom of the bag or punch air holes in the sides.

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