Can strattera be used with patient that is bipolar?

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    While Strattera is sometimes suggested as an ADHD treatment for people with Bipolar Disorder (primarily because it is not a stimulant like other currently available meds for ADHD, and thus is supposedly less likely to cause mania) if you look at the flyer that accompanies the pharmaceutical, it mentions watching any patient who has Bipolar Disorder closely for most of the symptoms below.

    Strattera has been linked by many patients with various effects that appeared and increased over time, including increased suicidal ideation (even among adults, although the FDA has issued warnings against Strattera's use by children and adolescents for this reason). These suicidal thoughts appear random, not necessarily in response to depression or any thought or outer event. Sudden extreme manic episodes and hypomanic episodes have been observed. Emotional lability (sudden swings out of proportion to events), rapid and/or ultra-rapid cycling (extreme mood swings that may occur as often as several times a day), hallucinations, extreme irritability, rages, and violence are possibilities noted in the product flyer even for people who are not bipolar. Sleep disturbances, sexual side effects, and appetite changes are also possible.

    Possible consequences of these effects (gathered from much anecdotal evidence) include: more frequent arguments, altercations, violence (possibly incarcerations), greater likelihood of losing friends, increased likelihood of divorce, and - due to mania, depression, and/or psychotic breaks - job loss, hospitalization or death.

    Bottom line - not a good idea.

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