lack of energy for the last few months although i take a lot o vitamin supplements .blood test came back positive

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    Underactive thyroid? Not a doctor, but perhaps you should persue this with one. There are plenty of other issues that could cause this and just as many cures for it.
    If you're feeling tired for the last couple of months and your blood test came back positive and you have no Vitamin\Mineral deficiency, maybe the problem is that you don't do enough physical workout. Weak muscles is one of the reasons for tiredness. Especially weak legs muscles. Try Running 3 times a week or walking for a half an hour every day. It will strengthen your muscles and you wont feel as tired from regular activities.

    Also, make sure you sleep at least 7-8 hours everyday (8 is better) and make sure you sleep well.

    Hope I've helped.

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