US Revolution

    If you had the money, people, and resources to take over the country, would you? Why or Why not?

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    I agree with Mat, but when your choices are this stinky candidate or that crappy candidate, what do you do? Choose the lesser of the two evils I suppose? Not much of a choice if you ask me.

    I would take over, hire a bunch of successful business people to balance the budget and put people back to work in American Factories. I would decrease the size of government by at least half. Remove all the laws that take away peoples liberties, and secure the borders.

    I would tax all incoming goods from other nations that way it would be cheaper to make and buy American products here in the country. I would recall all of the military oversees and bring them back home to help rebuild the crumbling roads and bridges here. I would end all earmarks and unnecessary programs in the U.S. including foreign aid.

    And I would bring the Federal Reserve back to the ownership of the American people, and cut out all of the wasteful spending that we do. I would give incentives to auto manufacturers for making more green or electric cars. Also I would give contractors tax brakes for building greener more energy efficient homes.

    I would also make a simple government aid program for people who couldn't afford heath care or college. I would round up all the illegal immigrants and deport the ones with criminal records and help the ones without a criminal past to be on a payment plan toward becoming a legal citizen.

    I would also lower everyone's taxes to a flat rate of 10 to 15 percent. I would promote incentives for large businesses to have their corporate headquarters in the U.S. and make government grants available to people who wanted to start their own business.

    Well that's about it for now, vote Leeroy for President, I may run as Donald Trumps vice president?

    Re-elect Obama and there might very well be. KEEP YOUR CHANGE


    ...or North Korea


    As long as its not Kenya you'll be fine. Good luck.


    In 2 months time TSC I will be living in another country, so I don't care!

    People tend to forget that we are a democracy and can change the government every few years all we got to do is VOTE

    Yes! We need a change.

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