Will Bleach kill Pincher Bugs aka (ear wiggs) YEAK! we are Infested and nothing is working!

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    i think it will. i use bleach for lots of stuff. be careful where you use it. don't get it on your clothes, your person, or on any furniture. (i think you knew that but i just wanted to make sure)
    try Borax.
    I would strongly advise against putting bleach in your ears - it should be diluted first if it is even ok to do at all. Please consult a professional before you do anything. There has got to be some special medicine or chemical to do this, or, couldn't you just catch the little buggers with a tweezers or something? I have never had them so have no direct experience, but again please be careful. There has got to be a standard and recognized, safe and effective procedure and medicine to treat this - so please try to find it (or again ask a doctor) before just trying things. Good luck and be safe!
    BTW - these aren't the same or related to the creatures they used on two people in "Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn," are they? God I hope not and I am pretty sure those were made up anyway.

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