who really killed osama bin laden?

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    Really? Most conspiracy theorists don't think he is actually dead, but you are wondering who "really killed him? It was a Navy Seal, part of the Seal team, part of the Navy, which is a branch of the military, which is funded by the U.S. Government, with the President being the Commander in Chief. Put the blame on anyone of the above, because they were all involved (whatever makes you feel better).
    Or, you could say that he did it or brought it on himself. When you kill 3000 innocent civilians (for a start), you kinda paint a big bulls-eye on your forehead. Paybacks are a bitch, live with the sword, die by the sword, etc. Does that answer your question?
    Its very hard to prove a body is dead if there are no remains. If there is no proof of death or remains, how can there be a body that killed one?

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