centrifugal pump maintenance

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    Maintenance of a centrifugal pump primarily revolves around the value and size. There are many out there that are simply throw-aways. But, if it is a larger and more expensive pump you are talking about, then it is usually replacement of the inner and outer seals and bushings the shaft rotates within. Pay close attention to disassembling the pump in order to properly reverse that sequence for re-assembly. Many manufacterers offer a kit for this purpose. One thing you most definitely need to pay attention to also, is whether or not the shaft has any observable wear. Otherwise, new seals and bushings will simply be a waste of time, money, and effort. Important to remember, is that these pumps are designed to only be operated with fluid in them, for cooling and sometimes lubrication depending on the particular design of the pump. A tool called a pick is often handing in disassembly. In re-assembly don't allow the shaft to unecessarily sag on one side while assembling the other. This lessens the likelyhood of damaging the softer bushing, seals, or seal covers. Often-times something somewhat soft of the same diameter is useful in re-assembly in getting things to seat properly. You can gently tap things into place, but never force them too hard. If an outer shaft surface is corroded or dirty, clean it and lightly use an emery cloth to get parts to slide over that area. Make sure you don't forget to disable the power source before getting anywhere near the shaft.

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