Would you renounce jesus?

    If someone paid you $1,000,000,000 to renounce jesus, what would you do?

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    No, No way.........

    Hell soul is priceless!


    you could just lie and build a bunch of churches with the money


    Building large churches can often be traced back to a man who has made money by unscrulous means and tried to "buy" a place in heaven.
    no way never: moneys no good in heaven or hell
    No, I heard the price to get into heaven is twice that.
    I don't like money enough to trade my time for it. There is nothing more valuable than those I know and love. I don't accept beliefs or denials about anyone. Knowing to your bones is to harbor only love. That is the meditation I practice.
    If Jesus was offered all that money He would not deny those who follow Him. We will not deny Him. I dont need the money. He gives me everything I need
    Never. What is money if we lost our soul. You could get all the money and die tomorrow. No giving it back then. We will meet Him on that day with empty pockets.
    Not even upon the threat of death or even death.......
    There is some information missing here. God had already told Abraham that his seed would number the stars. So Abraham knew that somehow God would save Isaac. In fact, before they walked up the mountain, Abraham told the person they were with that "The boy and I will return." God and Abraham were in a blood covenant relationship. In this type of relationship, one could not impose his will upon the other family without the imposing family also being willing to do the same. So in this case, by God imposing His will onto Abraham to sacrifice his son, He showed the Jews that at some point, He would do the same.

    I read the answer wrong.No I wouldn't renounce JESUS.


    absolutly not,not at any no no no no athousand times no.


    Hey there papa, hope you are doing well. Made me laugh with that one.

    Give me the money and follow me.And you will find out.I'll give it to the poor.

    Muslims do, without being paid a cent. They deny Jesus was the Son of God... so how does that add up with Prince Charles wanting to become Defender of the Faiths, plural, not the Faith?

    Jesus wasn't the Son of God Christ WAS, jesus was the son-of-man. The living Spirit of Love Spoke through him. When reading the Bible, when one understands this, one will know which one is speaking and when. The Bible thus becomes a whole new book with this understanding. Example Jesus declared: "He who believes on me, believes not no me, . . . very next breath the Christ Spirit spoke through him saying: "He who "sees" me sees Him that sent me." Interpetation: Jesus saying you do not belive on me this flesh that I am, a mere man, a personaliy but upon the Spirit in me, the Christos. Whereupon the Spirit of Love, the Christ, said he who can perceive me in heart as the Love Spirit, the Son, perceives and knows my Father who has sent me. The Christ through Jesus also said; "when thine "Eye" be SINGLE then thine whole body shall be full of Light" The Single Eye is the Eye of perception. Physically it is the glan, in the head located between the worldly eyes, that produces the hormone that alloe one to preceive the unseeable, love, kindness, compassion etc., may thus be seen in mind and heart. ;)

    Understood, and very interesting... thank you.

    You do agree that Muslims are wrong to deny Christ was the Son of God?

    That is the point, incorrectly expressed, which I was making when I said it was only possible for the monarch to be Defender of the Faith.

    If you take that oath, meaning the Anglican (protestant) faith you cannot, at the same time, defend a faith that denies it.

    You can, and we do, permit anyone to worship as they choose, but our church in the Church of England and the reigning monarch is head of that church.
    Definitely No
    Renounce Jesus.No.Thats a tough one though,I mean we all need to be really ready,because when Jesus does come it will come to that.Are we strong enough is the question?Are you willing to die for Jesus as he did for us?Example....Someone has a gun to your childs head,that someone tells you{Renounce Jesus Christ as your personall savior,or I will kill your child}What would you do?You have to have alot of faith.The word sais you have to love him more than your own.Thats hard.The minute you renounce Jesus Crist under any circumstances you will not be saved.That is one sin that is unforgivable

    That is a cruel god who would turn his back on you if you were to save your child. This religion is screwed up. GOD (not the jesus god) Would NEVER turn His back on LOVE! What is wrong with you kooks who believe that crap you wrote??
    Never in a zillion years!!! One Love :)X

    Get thee behind them Satan; be gone foul ignorant one with this foul question!  :(

    To renounce Jesus would be to renounce all Godly Men, thus to renounce ones self, by ignorance and the narrowness of mind. Not as fundamentalists say Godly, but Spirit.
    What would be the point, if I am a stark believer? Nah, it just wouldn't work for me! Gotta stick with my laurels! I'm much happier that way.

    Guess I'd rather be, rich in spirit and broke in the pocket; than filled in the pocket and broke in the spirt. Who do you think is happiest?

    Your sister,
    I would. From what I've heard, he forgives you for everything right? I would take the money and then ask for forgiveness. It's a win win situation!
    Sure. But renounce Jesus for what? There is no god or gods and he, according to the Bible, never claimed to be either a god or gods. So what I am renouncing Jesus for, claiming to be a Jew when everyone else seemed to claim he was a god? I am not sure where you are going with this, but if you explain more, I'd be happy to claim the money if you are willing to put it up.
    If i did renounce jesus in speach, I could never do it in my heart, So the money would have to be used for a good cause in order to take it from the devil who asked me to renounce him.
    It does sound screwed up,and it was a very blunt way to put it,but thats the only way i could explain it.Unless you have the love in your heart for our Lord i guess you wont understand.
    Remember Abraham?What did God want him to do?Sacrafice his child,Abraham was going to,God seen that and spared Abrahams Child,because he seen how faithful he was.All Im saying is,to bealive in God you have to bealive his word.I do fullly,I dont think im a kook for what i bealive,i didnt pull that example out of nowhere,it was very seriouse and the way things are going people should take it very serious

    Yes, I remember and I thought he was a cruel god for doing that too. I have no faith in a god that demands a person to sacrifice one they love to prove they love him more. A God of love would never demand such a thing. I believe in God. I just do not believe he is an arrogant, egotistical God. This is why I'm not a Christian.
    shit NNOO!

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