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    is there a breed of dog called keiky? it looks like a miniture siberon husky

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    There is a Kelpie in Australia that was from Scottish breeding in OZ> Kelpie is a Scottish water nymph. The Scottish owner travelled around looking for the best working dogs, mainly sheep but also cattle, until Kepies pups were the be all to end all in a working dog that never seems to tire and will run across the sheeps back to clear slow movers at the front when the sheep are being moved in a yard. "Is that one of Kelpies pups?" became "Is that a Kelpie?" so a breed was born.

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    Good old George, of course there is a dog of the type you describe> It is called a dead and burried drooless,tricoloured,longhaired St Bernard. The tricolour is a result of dirt colouring the hair after it was burried. Any time you think I can help you with your concerns don`t hesitate to ask always willing to help those less fortunate than me. Did you hear about the American who asked a lady who had a little dog on a seat in the train to move it so he could sit down? She refused so the American threw the dog out the window. One of my mob, Aussie, said to the yank " I will never work you blokes out , you drive on the wrong side of the road, hold your fork in the wrong hand and now you threw the wrong bitch out the window. Luv ya mate.

    Regardsless, my Scottish Terrier is the best of all breeds.

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