how do you repair an ice maker in a refridgerator ?

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    It's best to call a repairman. You might damage it if you meddle with it.
    Look in the owner's manual and see if the manufacturer has a parts list and order a new ice maker. But, only do that after you have checked whether or not an unseen crimp in the water might be the problem, or whether or not something caused a disruption in the power of the icemaker unit within the freezer. You are going to have to poke around the back of the icemaker and see if something dislodged a power cord.
    You can also simply call a furniture place that distributes the brand in question, and explain your problem. Sometimes you'll find an understanding repair man and he'll give you some tips on where and how to begin pinpointing the underlying cause of it not working. A lot of places will order and sell you repair parts.

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