How do you separate yourself from god?

    How can you know where your self ends and your god begins? There might just be a blur of ambiguity.

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    easy by going to hell its that simple as that but do you really wanna go there

    I do not want to be separated from God ever........

    No ambiguity. We are born in default separated from God because of our disease called sin. That is why we are quaratined on this earth so we don't spread our terminal disease elsewhere. It is why Jesus came, to show us how we can be restored back into the Loving presence of God again.
    I think if there is an end of oneself and God it then would separate yourself from him entirely,because if you have god in your heart body and soul you cant separate that if you did you would no longer be a part of him,it's either all of you or none.I know the minute I would do something like that my life would then just crumble apart,there would be nothing left.

    BY TRIPPING AND FALLING, SINKING INTO THE QUICKSAND OF IGNORANT FUNDAMENTALISM.  FOR DOGMATISM IS THE TAR PIT OF THE SOUL.  Be good, beware and honor the God within and ye shall not be separate.  Amen

    Blasphemy against the holy spirit is the only unpardonable sin

    One i think that the cooments of the other's were not so polite, but one, why would you ever want to separate from god, was it something that happend to you? change of religion? But i think that it is imposible to separate from the lord, beacuse he is everywhere and anywhere, he will always be with you and will always love you, Even if you sin (Mr, daren1) God will always forgive you and he will not leave you, it says so in the bibble!


    You guys don't even get my question. God is in your heart, and so are you. Its like mixing two flavors of kool-aid. Where does the blueberry end and the strawberry begin?

    to answer your question on how do we separate from GOD,it is simply this,by committing sinful acts{SIN}against GOD.

    Impossible, just like I cannot live without air.

    Any question can be viewed from many points of view.  Once a question asked it no longer belongs to the asker as is given over to many views and perceptions generating yet other questions.  For not all are on or at the same level of Consciousness.  Thus there are many levels of consciousness, some higher some lower.     

    With many of the decisions taken in life is the note of that little voice within, that seems to always want to point out which path leaves the cleanness in our heart. In fact I would say that it would be with us at all times, if it were us who could perfect 'being with it'. Those who try, are those who make the worst liars and certainly can't pull it off eye to eye, however those that are the most adept at leading people astray are those who have ignored that voice for so long that they now have become nearly oblivious to it, excepting in it's very most loudest of times. The non adept feels that pain and dark cloud enveloping over the heart which is revealed through the eyes. The eyes of the listener relays this in turn to their own heart and now the question becomes theirs. Presuming it a very plausible lie, they now must decide what they listen to, is it their heart or their mind. It is the heart within us that recognizes the heart within others and without question, aligns with it yet it is still the 'the lesser self that's given the choice of what to follow. It is to me no other than John's 1-9, 'the true Light which lighteth every man', or Jeremiah's 31-33, God's law he wrote in men's heart'... that we choose to listen to, or not.

    The question of where we stop and God starts 'within the heart' to me can't be answered for it contains the presumption of us being in the heart which I do not agree with. In not knowing (and I don't mean believing), I meaning 'Knowing', who we truly are, is in it's self, pretending or living a lie. We all know (not consciously) but deep inside our 'Heart' the truth but have chosen to pretend 'man' and that we are separate and apart from God. This was our choice, and was granted... yet within the heart is also an exit door out of this... The identity we now presume of ourself is hardly more than imagination that's constantly seeking something to ground it's self to. It's constantly seeking self justification, approval and something to attach to. It literally is the inevitable void that we must exist in when we pretend we are who we are not. It's in this sense, that the 'we' referred to is not in the heart, but instead it's the heart that leads us to the right place. In another sense though, Mindblade16, you are also correct for the higher self 'we', is none other than who (within you) came up the 'very real' question in the first place and is the spark (or true light) within us all. To both the "believers and the nonbelievers", I ask from where within has the question arisen? A take off from that is, just whoever do you think was the true author of our very very highest aspirations and our most most rightous inherant sense of real truth and justice that we yearn for. This also has been written and reverberates within our most deepest parts and is, no mistake!


    You think?
    why have u done something wrong or r u to close to him?
    easy, forget about the concept of god or of the image of a physical being you have created as a placeholder for your belief of him altogether, and there you go. god no longer exists in your mind, god no longer exists. You are separate from "God". Congratulations

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