What is your favorite thing about each season?

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    Summer I love to go hiking with my wife. Winter comes the dark nights and it is so nice to have no grass to cut and sit in our cottage with a big fire and snuggle uo together. Autum I love the colours of the trees. Spring has Creation showing at its best. All Creation simply bursts out for us to enjoy.

    Wonderful! Enjoyment all year round! I like them all too! Your right Creation is absolutely bursting out everywhere we look these days!!
    In California, the seasons is like spring and summer. My favorite thing about Fall, is the weather. Spring, the beautiful flowers. Summer, going to the beaches. Winter, pretty much laid back.

    Sounds nice! Isn't it great to find the positive in each season?!

    Right now we are in I'll start there! I love, love, love the new, fresh, innocent, green of the new growth!! It is so uplifting! Summer...I love to be able to drive without contending with the snow, slush and ice! Also love the flowers! Fall...I love the beautiful colours!! The trees are breath taking! not having to contend with the bugs!! mosquitos!!! Thanks to so many great answers!!
    Spring where I live, is very short, but beautiful when everyting turns green and flowers bloom. Summer, wild Blueberris Vegetables from my Garden, swimming, boating,and lots of Company. Fall the beauty of Color, nice crisp air. Winter, snow covered mountains and lakes and feeding wild animals.

    Lovely positivity!! Did I just make up a word?! lol

    Thank you. I love all 4 seasons

    Me too! I guess I should give my answer too!!
    I like spring and autumn. I hate winter!

    The temperatures in spring and autumn are more moderate. That's a bonus!!
    Summer in the Poconos is picturesque. The winters blow, literally. Two seasons here hot or cold, very cold. Never seen so many drunks and ugly people anywhere in the world. It's the winters.

    Where is Poconos? Our winters can be pretty bad, but yours sounds BAD!
    ed shank

    The Pocono's is a mountain region in Northeast Pennsylvania bordering NJ and NY. Yes the winters are extremely brutal. Sustained temperatures below -30F are not unusual.
    I used to always say to who would listen, how much I hate, just hate, winters.

    Yet, every season, does have a beauty within itself reflected upon the world. And each season, is also expressed as an element of a dreamer's mind.

    Spring is a welcome sign as it brings forth that which is abundant and new. Things come alive and represents youth!

    Summer is a season of life open and free in its liveliness. it is the life in its adult stage.

    Fall is maturity and aging, things start to slow down, but the beauty of it, is how colorful it is as things change.

    Winter is the last stage as it represents death for all things in winter must end. Yet, it is only hibernating so that the cycle continues.

    And life comes back around, and Spring rears again all those things that once were. The naked things are beauty clothed.

    So, yes, everything for purpose!

    Your sister,

    It is neat how the four seasons can be like a comparison to life. I'm not exactly sure what stage I'm in, but I'm enjoying it. I do find beauties in each season now...can't say I always have! :)

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