Magick and Prayer

    Magic is illusionary techniques for entertainment. Add a "k", and it means practical application of spiritual energy to achieve a goal. In that light, even though the methods are different, Prayer is a form of Magick. You can say the reverse if you like too. What is your opinion of these ideas?

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    Prayer is a supplication, a humble and sincere appeal to God. Magic is the ability to influence things to your own advantage/liking.

    It depends on what kind of energies you use. A person needs to learn the difference between positive and negative energy, but everything has it's place, even negative energy.


    Yes well said. There are hints of it in mathematics.. negative numbers can't be prime numbers, and prime numbers are responsible for harmonics which can create spiral shapes, and spiral shapes are divine shapes.. found everywhere in the universe and the world we live in, not to the least of which includes our DNA.. galaxies.. sea shells. There are many. Divine shapes and harmonics is divine energy. And since they can not contain any negative numbers, they are truly differentiated.

    You should check out Noetics. It's a science/philosophy that deals with thought and intuition. Some of it's adherents think that thoughts like pyysical matter actually have mass, miniscule, but real and that it can have a causal effect. For example, mass prayer. the thinking is that all of the thought being generated by large groups have mass and therefore can effect outcomes. Is it real? I have no idea, but there is research being done on it.


    yes absolutely. It's vibrational energy, and there are always mediums to carry this energy, such as spiritual energy! It's quite a powerful thing, and one does not need an entire mass, but masses are much more powerful. Anyone can pray to God, the moon, the sun, the stars, and be heard by the universe.. but as a mass, the energy is simply greater. Many meditational teachers find a place like ancient ruins to do group meditations and they raise their vibrations. Sometimes UFO's or black helicopters show up to see what's going on. These energies are detectable by advanced beings.

    magic is a trick of the mind, but prayer isn't like that.. you're mixing two different ideas.. magic presumes that there are unbalanced forces causing a phenomenon, and that can include a great many different things.. spiritual energy isn't magic, it's life force.. praying to achieve a goal is utilizing the very essence of nature and the universe, which is belief and commitment and spiritual energy.. with magic there is always consequence and possible negative outcome because it harnesses negative energies.

    Magick and prayer are in fact very similar,usually performed for similar reasons like strength in hard times or good fortune for friends and family.They are seen extremely differently mainly because the practitioners of prayer declared the users of Magick as consorting and working for satan,persecuting them and hanging n burning thousands of them.Even today Witchcraft and Paganism are viewed as dangerous or the preserve of new age hippies.When you pray you appeal to your deity,when you use Magick you invoke the life force,universal energy n collective unconcious.Either way this focus of mind and will can clearly have an effect in the real world.Of course Witchcraft grew out of many 1000's of years of Paganism in the UK which is neither evil or negative unless its used that way despite the church's total war on it.Ask yourself which one has perpetrated more evil in the world.Witchcraft is the faith rooted in my country,simples


    Paganism has far more evil roots, believe me. The wiccan lifestyle you get at the mystic store from books are alll fake. All of them. They are copies and imitations. People think they are getting the 'real deal' but it has nothing to do with the ancient belief systems, and prayer is a form of meditation, it does not require a diety.. black magick does require deities, but they are dark deities from other dimensions.. they require symbols and gestures to summon these 'elder gods' that have contracts with humans. Getting energy from nature is just life.. labeling it paganism is ridiculous


    in ancient times black magick was two things combined; it was science, and spells (incantations, or invoking certain elder gods).

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